Mostly harmless: The story of signs at the Monterey Public Library

First up, I’ll do my sign revision at the Monterey Public Library.  But I have good news as far as this library is concerned: I was actually worried that I’d have a hard time getting a picture of a sign that needs reworking because in general, their signs are quite good.  So rather than just commenting about the sign that needs revision, I’m also going to show a couple examples of signs that they have that I feel are quite good.

Here’s the original of the one I’m revising:

ebookOriginal Medium

Overall, not terrible.  The title has a clear description of what service is being advertised, and if you miss that, the picture of the Kindle makes it really clear.  Plus there are the times at the top making it clear that this is a workshop being held.  But that wall of text beneath the times is not at all conducive to scanning.  In fact, I shrunk the photo I took of it and had to make the shrunk photo bigger to be able to read all the text.  So, to modify this, I applied the letting go of the words principle to this document and came up with this revision:

ebookRevision Small

Pretty simple changes, really.  I made the text bigger and overall made it easier to scan by converting the main points into bullets rather than sentences.  The rest of the document I thought was fine, so I didn’t edit it.  (Apologies for the slight difference in color between the new and old sections, I did the best I could to match it to the old document, but I don’t have a fancy program like Photoshop so I’m using basic stuff and my rudimentary graphic design skills.

Now on to the fun part: the positive examples.  I took three pictures of good signs and one of them didn’t turn out, so I’m going to use the other two that did:



libraryRocks Small

These are banners hung over the second floor of the Monterey Public library.  They are rather large banners that the library changes periodically and they are always the same kind of thing: a quote of some kind from a satisfied customer of the Monterey Public Library.  They’re short, the text is huge, they’re easy to read, and all in all, they express the patron’s satisfaction quite clearly.

At the Monterey Public Library, there are really more positive examples like these two signs than negative ones, which is why I wanted to make a point of showing these off.